I bought the Pyeong Chang package
My cable system sells me
So I can see who wins ten minutes
After Twitter tells me

So I subscribed to streaming
To try and get the feed
But they didn’t think a schedule
Was something I would need

I wanted to watch curling
(I love to hear them shout)
Instead I saw a replay of
A woman’s hockey rout

I thought I’d watch the slalom
That’s good for half a thrill
But the wind was up so badly
They couldn’t even find the hill

I tuned in to the moguls
At my friend, the skier’s urgin’
A sport that was invented
By an orthopedic surgeon

No one who skis the moguls is
A Seventh Day Adventist
I watched for fifteen minutes
And I had to see my dentist

But still, I sit and stare because
One of life’s great joys
Is thinking back to watching Herb
And cheering for his boys

A moment full of magic
A lifetime filled with fame
And it could happen here tonight
This night and at this game

They say that any kid can win
Quite possible that’s true
Do you believe in miracles?
I watch because…I do.