Distrust, But Verify

They say that love is blind, my friends

But politics is blinder

Forgive me if you’ve heard this

But we all need a reminder


So if, when viewing media

It all seems out of kilter

Remember what you’re seeing there

Is coming […]


Those people who remember what life was like before Velcro will also remember the phrase, “Only Nixon could go to China.” Back in those pre-Velcro days, politicians who even sampled Won-Ton soup were considered […]

How to Get Away With…

It’s happening all over
Just like you remember when
The vast right wing conspiracy
Is on the move again

They’ve got their pitchforks sharpened
And their banners all unfurled
To see if they can stop
The smartest woman in the world

Their […]

Rules from Radicals

I woke up in the morning
And I felt like eggs
Laid by California chickens
Who can stretch their legs

Eggs sold in California
Now are more expensive
‘Cause chicken regulations here
Are more extensive

And if I want to scramble here or […]

Those Colored Glasses

Poets have a duty

As this poet’s often said

To see the world around them

From inside another’s head


To question all assumptions

And to challenge every truth

Which helps us do that duty

Which, you know, is saying sooth


And I attempt […]