Those Colored Glasses

Poets have a duty

As this poet’s often said

To see the world around them

From inside another’s head


To question all assumptions

And to challenge every truth

Which helps us do that duty

Which, you know, is saying sooth


And I attempt […]

Nostradamus Strikes Again

In Simon Gray’s play “Otherwise Engaged” the lead character, Hench, is confronted by a man named Bernard Wood.  The echo of Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane in Macbeth leaves the protagonist uneasy.  When I heard […]

Two Poems 2 Day

Pep Talk

It just won’t fit inside my brain.

Who goes to war to just contain?

It’s such an old familiar song.

Let’s move on in; but not for long

Let’s go and give this thing a shot

And give it […]

The More You Know

I’ve always been so grateful
To the folks at NBC
They’ve done the best they can
To make a better man of me

They told me to eat vegetables
And how to raise my kids
With strategies to help avoid
The plague […]

I hate Downton Abbey

News Flash! The cast of Downton Abbey wins the SAG Award for best acting. Howzat? The announcement was made the same night History Channel debuted “Sons of Liberty” which is all about taxation without representation. […]