This Really Happened

Because I have a lack of trust
In all things from the media
To do research on Barbara Bush
I clicked on Wikipedia

And what I saw up on my screen…
It came as quite a shock
Instead of typing Barbara Bush
I’d typed in Barbara Bach

Had I been standing by a cliff
A light breeze might have shoved me
How did I miss […]

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Community, O Canada

I know somewhere there’s someone
Who’s never laced a skate
By the law of averages
There can be no debate

Someone, somewhere who doesn’t know
A slapshot from a wrister
Who’s never tried to make
A goalie of his sister

Who’s never had a coach
Who’d work ‘em tell they burn
Who taught them playing in a way
That made them love to learn

Or […]

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Presidential %ages

His approval just hit 50
Now, isn’t that a switch
Half the country’s crazy
But it’s not apparent which

The smirking class on CNN
Just can’t believe their eyes
Rasmussen must only poll
Bots and Russian Spies

Those folks who are enlightened
In the more diverse dominions
Were too busy resisting
To offer their opinions

Perhaps it was the women
Who will, as women do
Tell pollsters what their […]

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7 Days in March

The comment most du jour
(Which means it’s all the rage)
Says we should not give Kim Jong-Un
A place on the world’s stage

He’s not an Ayatollah
A Merkle or a Thatcher
And talks with him directly
Would only give him stature

It seems to me the place he’ll have
Is just the one he’s got
He’s ruling North Korea
Like it world, or not

Stories […]

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Bill of Rights?

When I’m feeling worried
I spend those troubled nights
Counting up my blessings from
Our country’s Bill of Rights

The document that states the things
Beyond the rulers’ reach
Are freedoms of assembly
Worship, press and speech

It further goes to say
That there shall be no circumvention
Of rights our famous framers
Didn’t list or failed to mention

And from the oldest justice
To his young amanuensis
It […]

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Watching History

I bought the Pyeong Chang package
My cable system sells me
So I can see who wins ten minutes
After Twitter tells me

So I subscribed to streaming
To try and get the feed
But they didn’t think a schedule
Was something I would need

I wanted to watch curling
(I love to hear them shout)
Instead I saw a replay of
A woman’s hockey […]

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St. Generic’s Day Poem

Each year my happy clients
Kindly offer me the chance
To help them with their words of love
As the pursue romance

They tell me who they’re pining for
And then I make some guesses
For, though I’ve never seen them
They are all my Beatresses

The custom poems I write
Can be sublime and atmospheric
But those of you who waited
Will be getting […]

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There is a time, in men’s affairs,
To face those dragons in their lairs

A time, when after introspection
To move things in the right direction

To know what north is and what south is
And put yer money where yer mouth is

A time for hate, a time for love
A time persuade, evolves to shove

A time for niceties, A time […]

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I Believe (or What is Truth Anyway?)

Tell me that, by Newton’s Law
A rock stays where you leave it
Tell me 1 plus 1 is 2
I simply don’t believe it
Tell me that the sky is blue
Or Philly fans are louts
Swear to me you know it’s true
I’ll say I have my doubts

I seek the kind of certainty
That bites you on the nose
I wouldn’t be […]

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With every conversation now
No matter where I’m talking
I watch my words so carefully
It’s like on eggshells, walking
I say, “The sky was clear last night
This weather sure is splendid.”
Lest any other topic leave
My listener offended

Of course, such idle chit chat
Could be slammed as climate norming
And crass insensitivity
To fans of global warming
We can’t speak of our favorite […]

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