Thanksgiving 2017

Hand in hand, at table sitting
It’s proper, right and meet and fitting
That on Thanksgiving we all share
Gratitude in quiet prayer

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been […]

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Thoughts and Prayers

Although we know
That simple words won’t chase away disease
Most of us will offer a, “God bless you”
If you sneeze

And though we’d rather run
From the array of germs you’re sharing
We’ll speak this brief connection
And display a little caring

And if we know you’re cramming
For that test to pass the bar
We’ll say, “We’re praying for you”
And most […]

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Our Time

I wake
I work
I wonder
What sets the day’s design
Is this the last sun that you’ll see
Or is the last look mine?

Did we, before creation
Watch as the clock was set
And like the great Greek in the poem
Accept the time we get?

Do we all sign the bargain
The mix of joy and strife
Aware that we must make the most
Of […]

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The Same Old Baloney

You recall our Founding Fathers
Warned that we could fall to faction
But had they known the Clintons
They’d have warned us of distraction

For every dirty enterprise
In which they’re implicated
They’ve side-stepped retribution
Cause they’ve made things complicated

And we have, in search of justice
Hopeful expectations shattered
As they’ve caught us up in questions
That never even mattered

Do you really think a WOMAN
(now […]

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Whittier meets Heloise

Of all the words of tongue and pen
That bring a person sorrow
I think, by far, the cruelest are
“I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

For whether you are free from want
Of find yourself in need
“Tomorrow” is the single thing
That no one’s guaranteed

It only takes an instant
To destroy what’s stood for years
That goes for homes and nations
Reputations and careers

So […]

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The phone rings and somehow you know it’s not good news
We all have so much and so much to lose
Hello, you say bravely to the night
Wishing you were wrong
But you were right.

Your mother isn’t doing well
Her doctor told you Time will tell
But neither has that bedside touch
And neither really tells you much

At my age, it’s […]

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These colors don’t run (or pass or punt)

Team loyalty, it seems
Is more a myst’ry than a science
Who knows why I’m devoted
To the New York Football Giants

Is it just about proximity
To what were our home towns
That Duane roots for the Raiders
And Hugh bleeds for the Browns

I was born three feet from Flushing
So, if you had placed your bets
You likely would have guessed
I pledged […]

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Mixed Feelings

I’ve mixed feelings for my President
I don’t know what to make of him
Some folks I know have said
They’ve had as much as they can take of him

He has a way of leaving
In his wake, a mound of messes
And a style that all too frequently
Steps on his own successes

There’s quite a largish ego
And a world around […]

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What’s Happening?

I like to think that I can tell
The real news from the phony
I trust the guys I tune in to
Here on the old Marconi

I grab the daily papers
Just to get the whole gestalt
And take each take I take away
With but a pinch of salt

I do my own research because
It’s prudent and it’s frugal
And go through […]

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Just Another Day

You’ve seen it in the theater
On the stage and on the screen
The hero or the heroine
Who rails at the routine

To climb the corporate ladder
For bills they have to pay
They follow their own footsteps
And do it every day

Though much that comes from Hollywood
We don’t see eye-to-eye with
This average Joe or Josephine
We all identify with

We order the […]

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