Speak Softly, Mr. Speaker

When we should be growing stronger
Our position couldn’t be weaker
Who’d have thought we’d all be saying
Sayonara to the Speaker

There was just a little difference
In the way our factions think
You believe that you’re effective
And […]

For the Friends of MK and Jake

The greatest thing
That one can do
Is make a friend
Both good and true

A partner that in triumph
Will smile and help you share it
A presence in the face of grief
To hug and help you bear […]

The (Hairy) Elephant in the Room

His hair is awful messy
His skin is awfully thin
If I could make a wager
I’d say he won’t get in

Gadzooks and glorioski!
I guess I had it wrong
But based on that announcement
I predict he won’t last […]

Those Videos…and now our next story

Every builder knows
Who builds with wood or brick
No roof can be too sure
No wall can be too thick

A movement of the earth
Or accident of men
That place the building stood
Is empty once again

A potter with his […]


To everyone except

The most post-partisan observer

I think we’ll soon be calling this

“The Summer of the Server”

As we can all attest

No matter what our rank or station