The Crisis of Our Time

According to John Kerry
The spokesman for our nation
Obstacles and challenges
Face every generation

In 1861
We struggled with a moral truth
Our Civil War claimed scores of souls
The flower of our youth

Five decades of a century
Saw blood enough to span it
A battle with a cult of death
That sought to rule a planet

But now the crisis of our time
Past […]

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The Star Trek Paradox

A number of years ago I read a movie script where the heroes were a couple of naïve space aliens who came to earth to play Major League baseball because it was “the most beautiful game in the universe.” Tension in the script came from an alien travel agent who pursued them because helping […]

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A Measured Response

If I don’t peruse the papers
If I don’t turn up the sound
If I just refuse to listen
If I simply go to ground

If I cancel my subscriptions
And I forego all my flights
Then decline your invitations
And extinguish all the lights

If I barricade the windows
And decide to drop the tour
I can live the life I want to
And […]

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What next?

After all the vitriol, shrill rhetoric
And shouting
The primaries have ended
It’s all over but the pouting

Grandees of the GOP
Won’t go to Cleveland’s caucus
Kids who cling to Bernie
Promise Philly will be raucous

Pundits say we’re in for some
Unprecedented scrappin’
But being I’m a poet
I can see what’s gonna happen

The Democratic candidate
Inspires rage and odium
I’m starting to […]

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Memorial Day

Let’s hear it for the soldiers
Our sons and daughters who
Are founders and protectors
Of everything we do

They knew about the dangers
But by service they were steered
Despite the threats to life and limb
They bravely volunteered

They come from every background
From humble house or suite
But due to that decision
I say they’re all elite

They fight against oppression
Relieve the set upon
They […]

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Night and Day (A Parable)

Yes, there are some certain people
Who, for reasons great or slight
Don’t function well in daylight
And prefer to work at night

Though of all the population
They make up the merest fraction
They formed a coalition
And the group demanded action

They say, “Down with 9 to 5ers”
As they chant and march in line
And urge government to mandate
That we all work […]

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What’s in a Name?

Citics of The Donald
Have as first among their claims
He lacks required tact
Because he calls opponents names

To rulers and elites across the globe
It just won’t look good
If leaders in our land
Say things like Little, Lyin’, Crooked

I started to agree
Then like a ton of bricks it’s hittin’ me
The left’s in love with names
So let’s got through their […]

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Why We Fight

For weeks we’ve been obsessing on
The delegates and counting
While every day employment falls
And deficits keep mounting

The chalkers go on chalking
And the pols keep up the chatter
It’s easy, then, to overlook
The things that really matter

This week I read a story
That’s as sad as it is strange
That’s if you have insurance
From a government exchange

Remember how they promised […]

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Tomorrow’s News Tonight

Cliches are often true
And it would be a grave mistake
To doubt the fact that politics
Some strange bedfellows make

A very different future
Might be just around the bend
The rival of my enemy
Could be my new best friend

In red states there’s a businessman
Who’s leading in the race
But pooh-bahs of his party
Hope to find a […]

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An Ode to Morning

Lightly, to my Muse I tread
I know a poet who once said,

“A fine bud opens
To a finer flower
Not at the dawn
But at a later hour”

But rising with a rude awaken
I must conclude
I was mistaken
For do we want
The day, rehearsed?
Or views and news
Both fresh and first?

And what we hale as true and right
Is best seen by […]

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