Meet John Doe

I do my civic duty
And I contemplate no crime
I keep my household tidy
And I pay my tax on time

I go to church on Sundays
And some would say that’s nice
Though I know a certain someone
Who goes […]

Give Them the Ball

As we prepare for battle
And the campaign trail approaches
I say the whole dang country
Should be run by college coaches

They take on raw recruits
And then they turn them into winners
Let’s let them work their magic
On Obama’s […]

Easter 2015

Reflecting on this moment’s fears
My thoughts go back two thousand years
I think of how it happened then
The Judge of all was judged by men

Condemned because he spoke good news
And charged as king; King of the […]

Distrust, But Verify

They say that love is blind, my friends

But politics is blinder

Forgive me if you’ve heard this

But we all need a reminder


So if, when viewing media

It all seems out of kilter

Remember what you’re seeing there

Is coming […]


Those people who remember what life was like before Velcro will also remember the phrase, “Only Nixon could go to China.” Back in those pre-Velcro days, politicians who even sampled Won-Ton soup were considered […]