When Comes The Revolution?

When will we rise in passion
Oh, what will bring the day
Could it be when the Leadership
Can tell us what to say?

Or will the barque of tyranny
At last begin to sink
That fateful day the Leadership
Can tell […]


Chief among all
The protective charms
Is the shielding strength
Of a mother’s arms

Or a wily wizard
Might effect escape
With a whispered spell
Or a crafty cape

Apart from those options
Every child discovers
How to hide from monsters
Under the covers

From the richest […]

More Advice for Hillary

It seems to me today
That one quite lucrative career
Is whispering advice
Straight to a politician’s ear

Some candidates set sail
And see at once their ship is sinking
They need a gentle voice to tell them
What they should be […]

Freak Show

Since caveman’s entertainment
Most bankable commodities
Are peeks at the unusual
Assorted, sordid oddities

The giant and the pygmy
Will get us all a ’gawking
About these jests of nature
It’s clear we can’t stop talking

Some might be proven hoaxes
By […]

Nothing Rhymes With “Inevitable”

Facts, it’s said, are stubborn things
We simply have to face them
Except, of course, by happenstance
When other facts replace them

But when I view the current crop
The fact of which I’m certain
Is, in the Democratic camp,
No […]