Why We Fight

For weeks we’ve been obsessing on
The delegates and counting
While every day employment falls
And deficits keep mounting

The chalkers go on chalking
And the pols keep up the chatter
It’s easy, then, to overlook
The things that really matter

This week I read a story
That’s as sad as it is strange
That’s if you have insurance
From a government exchange

Remember how they promised […]

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Tomorrow’s News Tonight

Cliches are often true
And it would be a grave mistake
To doubt the fact that politics
Some strange bedfellows make

A very different future
Might be just around the bend
The rival of my enemy
Could be my new best friend

In red states there’s a businessman
Who’s leading in the race
But pooh-bahs of his party
Hope to find a […]

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An Ode to Morning

Lightly, to my Muse I tread
I know a poet who once said,

“A fine bud opens
To a finer flower
Not at the dawn
But at a later hour”

But rising with a rude awaken
I must conclude
I was mistaken
For do we want
The day, rehearsed?
Or views and news
Both fresh and first?

And what we hale as true and right
Is best seen by […]

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Fresh Faces

Elections, it would seem to me
Are serious concerns
On each and every ballot
A country’s future turns

It may embrace a tyrant
Or elevate a fool
For politics encourages
The crafty and the cruel

Altruists, in this career
Must pay a higher price
It has a way of preying on
The noble and the nice

And every politician
Who thinks their star is rising
Can be a little […]

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Watch this Space!

Tarzana Joe on the Hugh Hewitt Show will be on at a new time!  Watch this space for updates.

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Natural Born Poet?

I don’t agree with Coulter
And I’m not a legal mind
How can Levin and Eastman, though
Together be so blind

It’s NOT that there’s a question
Or even any doubt
Or argument or wiggle room
That’s not what it’s about

Has care for jurisprudence
Ever stopped the Left before
As evidence of how they work
I give you Bush v. Gore

It’s a sure thing that […]

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The Poetic Force Awakens

I’m not one to make predictions
So, considering the source,
I feel safe to say I sense
A new disturbance in the Force.

A malevolent projection
And we dare not speak its name
Whose appetite for power
Puts Maleficent to shame

Whose attitude and ego
Put her squarely on the shark side
While accusing her opponents
Of affection for the Dark Side

Her supporters all assure us
That […]

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If you’ve just read the Daily News
You’re probably aware
Its editors are skeptical
And don’t think much of prayer

They’ve had enough of platitudes
Of homilies and preaching
And say they’ll gladly do without
So much of this beseeching

The quiet moment when a soul
Asks God to help another
Is clearly inefficient
So forget about it, brother.

And though they like to criticize
When other folks […]

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Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is the day we share
Gratefulness, in quiet prayer
Hand in hand, at table, sitting
It’s proper, righteous, good, and fitting

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been given
And […]

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What Not to Do

Poets are required
To communicate with brevity
To get a message over
With some synthesis and levity

But how am I to summarize
What I think this week means?
An epidemic’s coming
And we’ve thrown out the vaccines

Our blimp has got a great big rip
And no one brought the patches
Arsonists are on the loose–
We’re giving out free matches

It seems the sky is […]

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