Quiet Holiday

It’s been a quiet week, at last
I wish that were the norm
Alas, I speculate it’s just
The calm before the storm

Every Chief Exec enjoys
A time when pundits swoon
But I expect a hurricane
And not a honeymoon

Their former river of restraint
Is measured now in ounces
And it won’t take a moment more
Before the press corps pounces

Every brick in any […]

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Taking a Vote and Counting it Twice

I think you all recall
To what the following refers:
“In the year of the improbable…
The impossible” occurs

It was Vin describing Gibby
As he rambled like a wreck
Round the bases with a homer
That he’d clobbered off of “Ek”

I watched in great amazement
There at old Chavez Ravine
And it was, till this November
The wildest thing I’ve ever seen

(With Flutie’s toss […]

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Thanksgiving 2016

Hand in hand, at table sitting
It’s proper, right and meet and fitting
That on Thanksgiving we all share
Gratitude in quiet prayer

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been […]

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Clinton Agonistes

I wish I had the lyric wit
Of Ogden Nash or Byron
To write the words of wisdom
That this moment is requirin’

But though I can’t approximate
What’s Nashian or Byrony
I can still to call attention
To the most exquisite irony

A selfish predilection
For opacity and secrecy
Coupled with a staff
That was selected for obseqesy

By trying to conceal her self
Behind a server’s […]

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GI Joe and Tommy

The war was dragging on a bit
They needed lots more men
They offered me a bonus
If I volunteered again.

Well, with the cost of livin’
And my business on the skids
That money made a dif’rence
To my honey and the kids

I was happy with the deal we made
And I was proud to serve
I knew what I was doing
In the […]

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A Poem for All Seasons

The theme of this election year
Was “Victory or Bust!”
I raised my pen for battle
Now I’m crawling in the dust

“What doesn’t kill me makes me strong,”
I’ve scrawled here in the dirt
Well, November may not kill me
But it’s really gonna hurt

I’ve no idea of what went wrong
No notion, not the slimmest
Instead of best and brightest
We got the […]

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The siren song of politics
Sings like a serenade
But some can’t shake the feeling
That somehow they’re being played

Saying Clinton was unbeatable
No matter who we’d choose
So the GOP let Trump prevail
So that they wouldn’t lose

Folks I used to trust
Have said the fix was always in
When Trump announced for office
He didn’t really want to win

Candidates and media […]

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Why This Year Could Be Very Different

With our cities in convulsions
And economies in tatters
Don’t you think we ought to focus
On the stuff that really matters

For I doubt there’ll be much impact
From the dirt the country learns
If you trade a thousand emails
For some income tax returns

Yes, I guarantee his books are bound
In rich Corinthian leather
While incriminating emails
Have been bleached and lost […]

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Debates 2016

There are many epic battles
That have lived in psalm and song
From young David and Goliath
To Godzilla and King Kong

There’s the Bruins and the Trojans
Moriarty versus Holmes
The Knicks against the Celtics
And the critics with my poems

There was Slytherin v. Gryffindor
In battles so fantastic
Samsung versus Apple
And paper versus plastic

But never since the consequence
Of Persian versus Greek
Will […]

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8 Weeks, Really?

In 8 weeks on the calendar
Will come the day of choosing
But just between the two of us
It’s all a bit confusing

Out here in California
There are 16 propositions
And advocates are crafting texts
Explaining their positions

And when the postman brings them
You’re gonna find it’s liable
The brochure that contains them
Will be bigger than your bible

Then once we wade through […]

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