There is a time, in men’s affairs,
To face those dragons in their lairs

A time, when after introspection
To move things in the right direction

To know what north is and what south is
And put yer money where yer mouth is

A time for hate, a time for love
A time persuade, evolves to shove

A time for niceties, A time for nasties
(I read that in Ecclesiastes)

The point I’ll make, if you’ll allow
I think that time and tide is now

We want something; so do you
A child would know what we should do

You want more and we want less
There is a middle way, I’d guess

When I was young, I thought it wise
To learn the art of compromise

For give and take, the sages said
Is one way we can move ahead

You get gold but pay the price
Then we shake and all make nice

So, let us know the way you feel
There’s lots of room to make a deal

The other option you can choose
That’s “we win” – “you lose”