I’ve mixed feelings for my President
I don’t know what to make of him
Some folks I know have said
They’ve had as much as they can take of him

He has a way of leaving
In his wake, a mound of messes
And a style that all too frequently
Steps on his own successes

There’s quite a largish ego
And a world around him feeding it
He reads a teleprompter
As if he’s really reading it

His ties are just a wee bit long
His hair, an orange blob
Most everyone I know
Thinks they could do a better job

He’s a little less like Broadway
And a lot more like Delancey
And all the pundits say
That he got played by Chuck and Nancy

Then just when I’m despairing
And frustrated with the man
Things begin to work out
As if there were a plan

Despite the rabble-rousers
Things are relatively calm
ISIS is retreating
And no one’s bothered Guam

And though I wish that Congress
Would do things a little faster
Both sides, on Obamacare
Admit it’s a disaster

Then when the former speaker
Went to speak with her supporters
DACA parents wanted more
Just like their sons and daughters

They shouted, “You betrayed us!”
On their pathway to success
“Amnesty for everyone!
Right now and nothing less!”

So, when I hear the things they said
To Nancy in that room
I have to ask the question,
“Just who was it played whom?”