I gave my heart to Hollywood
To Bogey, Kate and Liz
But now they can’t be trusted
Even with, “The winner is…”

I gave my heart to politics
To try and do some good
Trusting those in charge to do
The things they said they would

I gave my heart to John McCain
He said he’d make things right
But it’s hard to win a battle
When you don’t put up a fight

I gave it to Obamacare
And took it to my Doc
But when he didn’t take my plan
I had a little shock

I gave it to the GOP
They said they had my back
And when they didn’t deliver
I cut them lots of slack

Then came this loud New Yorker
And for him, the country turned
But I couldn’t give my heart to him
Because, well, I’d been burned

Ah yes, I know the feeling
And the sense of devastation
And so I face commitment
With a little hesitation

Could the guy persuade
Or only be a great complainer?
Would he take it all the way
Or crumble, just like Boehner

Well, leadership is wonderful
And held in high esteem
But a leader needs the backing
Of the players on his team

And so, I pledge allegiance
In word and deed and name
And if they want to keep their seats

They’d better do the same
Cause if those guys don’t do it
Or put one foot in the water
2018’s coming
And it just might be a slaughter