If I could be the President
Or president elect
I’d make it clear the program
That the Senate could expect

Acknowledging the principle
We have our separate roles,
Demand that every day
We take a step toward common goals

Reminded of our duty
To the ship of state we’re rowing
We’ve got to work together
To get to where we’re going

I don’t care that you’re working late
Or how you haven’t slept
The measure of our legacy
Is promises we’ve kept

You want to take it easy
I appreciate your fears
But what have you been doing
Oh, the last, say, seven years

I’d understand, instinctively
Opportunity is fleeting
So, to make them all uncomfortable
I’d just go right on tweeting

I’d tell them that the town halls
In their districts could be raucous;
Do all that’s in my power
To confront the Cocktail Caucus

But I couldn’t be the President
Or even be the Vice
I just don’t have the temperament
I couldn’t pay the price

I’d tell those in my party
When they told me they were walkin’
To meet me with a second
By the river in Weehawken

I don’t have all the answers
And I couldn’t pass the quiz
I’m glad I’m not the President
God help the guy who is