Reporters now are far too young
Like Tapper, Chuck, and Meagan
To recollect the battle cry,
Let Reagan be Reagan

For even though he knew his mind
Down to the jot and letter
Even some who worked for him
They thought that they knew better

He didn’t honor their advice
Or diplomat’s decorum
He looked at a divided world
And called ‘em as he saw ‘em

He had a point of view about
The future we should choose
And summed it up succinctly,
“We win. They lose.”

The world has changed since Reagan’s day
I doubt there’d be rebuttal
To anyone who would opine
We’re all a lot less subtle

The man who sits in Reagan’s chair
Who likes to brag and boast
Is, as I think we might agree
Less subtler than most

He doesn’t have an editor
His dialogue is rough
His facts are seldom vetted
And his tweets are off the cuff

His fellow Ivy Leaguers
Have declared him unrefined
They know a politician
Shouldn’t say what’s on his mind

They won’t be happy, I don’t think
Till on a rail, he’s riddent
But here’s a thing they should recall
He won. They didn’t.

Mistakes, I have been often told
Are ways that wisdom’s earned
And lessons aren’t lessons
Unless they’re lessons learned

They don’t have much in common
And little has been shown
But both men, I submit to you
Were stubbornly, their own

And though he’s nothing like, I know
Our Nancy’s darling Ronald
I think, at last, we have to say
“Let Donald be Donald”