There’s a MEME that’s out there posting
And it’s, kind of, going viral
That Obamacare’s in trouble
And it’s, sort of, in a spiral

That it’s ceased to be dynamic
Of its breath, there’s little left
Under water, doomed and done for
Of its life, it is bereft

There are those, though, who dispute this
And contend it isn’t true
They insist it’s only resting
Lovely bird—Norwegian Blue

Most of us have seen it listing
Watched it stumble, strain and lurch
And are sure there’d be no question
If it weren’t nailed to the perch

Yes, it’s pushing up the daisies
Any other thought is risible
It’s a stiff, It has expired
Gone to join the choir invisible

Since that’s clear to all subscribers
An agreement would be nice
For despite who wins or loses
It’s the people pay the price

And unless you’re still in college
And convinced you’re indestructible
It’s not really health insurance
With a dirty, great deductible

So convene a special session
Let’s attempt a second try
And propose another option
Whether partisan or bi-

Where’s the man who has the mettle?
For they say the moment chooses them
This is how you win elections
Or it’s how a party loses them