Real Issues

The world is at a crossroads
I’ve heard some people say
For long as I been livin’
You could say that every day

Those with education
And their noses out of joint
Scorn this talk of crossroads
They prefer “inflection point”

But, choices make a difference
Like who we pick for POTUS
And some less “monumentous”
That we never even notice

The maximum accomplishment
The greatest epic […]

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Yet Another….

I know sometimes my rhymes
Can push the limits of endurance
So, I vowed I’d never write another
Poem on health insurance

But each time that I pledge
To give Obamacare the sack
Despite my best intentions
Circumstances pull me back

Now, if you want to say I lied
And call my vow a phony
You don’t how it is
To feel like Michael Corleone

The […]

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After months of probing
And much rancorous debate,
The NY Times convinced me
Not to want my country great

This Russian case is crucial
It’s open and it’s shut
The camel’s back is broken
There’s no more slack to cut

Where once my spirits lifted
You’ll find them in the dumper
They’ll serve me now at Starbucks though
Cause I’m a Never Trumper

His […]

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Disillusion (Just a Little)

My mood is sort of skittish
And I’m feeling kind of dreadish
Ask me for my outlook
And I’d say it’s Armageddish

A tyrant has a weapon
That could turn us into litter
And that’s not a nod to Donald
And his frequent use of Twitter

“Dear Leader” launched a missile
And he’s threatened many nations
Because the can was kicked along
By three administrations

Those wise […]

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Make No Mistake About That

If I could be the President
Or president elect
I’d make it clear the program
That the Senate could expect

Acknowledging the principle
We have our separate roles,
Demand that every day
We take a step toward common goals

Reminded of our duty
To the ship of state we’re rowing
We’ve got to work together
To get to where we’re going

I don’t care that you’re working […]

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Hugh’s News

Of all creation’s gifts
With which our species is arrayed
The good Lord gave us language
By which means we may persuade

Without this great ability
Our world would be appalling
And all our interactions
Would be bites and blows and mauling

Those who have this skill in spades
Owe the gift a debt
And they must wage a war—of words
At every chance they get

I […]

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Words, and…

I am a man of many words
They are my bread and butter
I count a day successful by
The number that I utter

Some words are worth a dollar
Others, like, a quarter
And words are quite compelling
Written in the proper order

Great words can be the difference
Between defeat and winning
And words got all this started
Back, you know, in the beginning

But […]

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Let Donald be…Donald

Reporters now are far too young
Like Tapper, Chuck, and Meagan
To recollect the battle cry,
Let Reagan be Reagan

For even though he knew his mind
Down to the jot and letter
Even some who worked for him
They thought that they knew better

He didn’t honor their advice
Or diplomat’s decorum
He looked at a divided world
And called ‘em as he saw ‘em

He […]

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With and Without

Today, the mainstream media
Repeats the liberal dictum
Illegal immigration
Is a crime without a victim

And so, I think the parallel
Is really quite sublime
We have a special counsel
Where there isn’t any crime

This goes along with much
That we’ve been seeing in our nation
Just like the legislature
That can pass no legislation

No wonder that we’ve lost our faith
In many institutions
When the […]

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Still on Hiatus

Dear friends who like the radio poems and have been thinking of commissioning a Tarzana Joe
poem for a loved one…I have been having some health issues and been in and out of the hospital over the last two weeks.
For the time being, I am not going to accept any new custom poem requests.

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