A Believer

It’s far beyond my competence
And some may find it odd
To justify, As Milton might
The ways of Man to God

Since mankind first awakened
We sought to understand
Our place in this creation
That the great Creator planned

We sought it in the river
And we sought it in the wild
We sought it with the innocence
And wisdom of a child

We knew that […]

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Go Big! Go Far! Go Fast! Or Go Home!

For eight years, we’ve been told
The other guys had stronger forces
For six years then, the leadership
Told us to hold our horses
Four years ago, they had a plan
According to sage sources
And now they have power
But they’re not sure what the course is

Well, if politics is marriage
They may soon know what divorce is

You stood upon a platform
Of […]

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A Reply to “The Nasty Man” by a Nice Guy

I was told once by a wise man
Thus, of course, it must be true
That on any given issue
There are several points of view

So I always keep an open mind
And try to do my best
To explore my way of thinking
And be open to the rest

While at peace with my core values, I
On more than one occasion
Have […]

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Robert Frosts’s Inaugural Poem for JFK

You may know the story. Poet Robert Frost was asked to write a poem for JFK’s inaugural. But on the day, the DC sun was blinding and he couldn’t read what he wrote; he recited a different poem from memory. Following is a link to the poem Frost wrote for that day. […]

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The Reason for the Season (or December 25th?)

Let me take this opportunity
To recollect the reason
Why, from the dawn of history
We celebrate this season

In the summer and the autumn
We’ve been filling up the larder
Well aware that in the winter
Air is colder, life is harder

So we gather to recall
No matter how the wind is blowing
Our confident belief that
Things will once again be growing

And we […]

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Good Will Shunting

The overeducated Left
Have lost their way again
Shakespeare, and his narrow views
Will have no place at Penn

His portrait has been taken
From the spot where it once hung
No more his visage, studied.
No more his sonnets sung

The faculty, three years ago
Decided this was right
Though they left it to the students
To remove it in the night

In […]

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Quiet Holiday

It’s been a quiet week, at last
I wish that were the norm
Alas, I speculate it’s just
The calm before the storm

Every Chief Exec enjoys
A time when pundits swoon
But I expect a hurricane
And not a honeymoon

Their former river of restraint
Is measured now in ounces
And it won’t take a moment more
Before the press corps pounces

Every brick in any […]

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Taking a Vote and Counting it Twice

I think you all recall
To what the following refers:
“In the year of the improbable…
The impossible” occurs

It was Vin describing Gibby
As he rambled like a wreck
Round the bases with a homer
That he’d clobbered off of “Ek”

I watched in great amazement
There at old Chavez Ravine
And it was, till this November
The wildest thing I’ve ever seen

(With Flutie’s toss […]

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Thanksgiving 2016

Hand in hand, at table sitting
It’s proper, right and meet and fitting
That on Thanksgiving we all share
Gratitude in quiet prayer

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been […]

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Clinton Agonistes

I wish I had the lyric wit
Of Ogden Nash or Byron
To write the words of wisdom
That this moment is requirin’

But though I can’t approximate
What’s Nashian or Byrony
I can still to call attention
To the most exquisite irony

A selfish predilection
For opacity and secrecy
Coupled with a staff
That was selected for obseqesy

By trying to conceal her self
Behind a server’s […]

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