NASA and Me

The world is slowly turning
But it’s quickly getting stranger
No one has good answers
And everywhere, there’s danger

Some of us look heavenward
Repeating our entreaties
Moving through the Lenten season
Toward the “Quem quaeritis?”

Others study heaven
Simply looking at the stars
Like those who funded NASA
And have set their sights on Mars

So amid our Trumpish Troubles
Let’s all give a little cheer
That a […]

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At What Price?

There is a price to pay for everything –and I’m not just talking about the shekels I shell out at the 99 Cents Store (where I know I can afford almost all they sell). I’m talking about the big trade off in each transaction. In marriage, we trade independence for security and love. […]

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Yet Another Obamacare Poem

I’ve written poems for holidays
For birthdays and vacations
Like Anthony, I’ve even penned
Some funeral orations
I’ve written poems for guests
And even sev’ral for the host
Of all these odes
I’ve written on Obamacare the most

Back then I’d quote Pelosi
In ridicule and rhyme
“We’re spending 90 billion
But it won’t cost you dime.”
Debating and discussion
Was so devoid of facts
And then Chief […]

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This Means War OR Don’t Believe Anything You Hear About Me for the Next Two Weeks

They’re storing all our emails
Each and every text
Calls are all transcripted
God only knows what’s next
What girls wrote in their diaries
And each Cath’lic boy confesses
Is parked through perpetuity
In digital recesses

Soon video will recognize
And bureaucrats record
The books that I’ve been reading
And the way I praise the Lord

Then if I raise my voice
And they don’t like my rants […]

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Love is Like That

I gave my heart to Hollywood
To Bogey, Kate and Liz
But now they can’t be trusted
Even with, “The winner is…”

I gave my heart to politics
To try and do some good
Trusting those in charge to do
The things they said they would

I gave my heart to John McCain
He said he’d make things right
But it’s hard to win […]

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A Believer

It’s far beyond my competence
And some may find it odd
To justify, As Milton might
The ways of Man to God

Since mankind first awakened
We sought to understand
Our place in this creation
That the great Creator planned

We sought it in the river
And we sought it in the wild
We sought it with the innocence
And wisdom of a child

We knew that […]

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Go Big! Go Far! Go Fast! Or Go Home!

For eight years, we’ve been told
The other guys had stronger forces
For six years then, the leadership
Told us to hold our horses
Four years ago, they had a plan
According to sage sources
And now they have power
But they’re not sure what the course is

Well, if politics is marriage
They may soon know what divorce is

You stood upon a platform
Of […]

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A Reply to “The Nasty Man” by a Nice Guy

I was told once by a wise man
Thus, of course, it must be true
That on any given issue
There are several points of view

So I always keep an open mind
And try to do my best
To explore my way of thinking
And be open to the rest

While at peace with my core values, I
On more than one occasion
Have […]

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Robert Frosts’s Inaugural Poem for JFK

You may know the story. Poet Robert Frost was asked to write a poem for JFK’s inaugural. But on the day, the DC sun was blinding and he couldn’t read what he wrote; he recited a different poem from memory. Following is a link to the poem Frost wrote for that day. […]

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The Reason for the Season (or December 25th?)

Let me take this opportunity
To recollect the reason
Why, from the dawn of history
We celebrate this season

In the summer and the autumn
We’ve been filling up the larder
Well aware that in the winter
Air is colder, life is harder

So we gather to recall
No matter how the wind is blowing
Our confident belief that
Things will once again be growing

And we […]

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