I know sometimes my rhymes
Can push the limits of endurance
So, I vowed I’d never write another
Poem on health insurance

But each time that I pledge
To give Obamacare the sack
Despite my best intentions
Circumstances pull me back

Now, if you want to say I lied
And call my vow a phony
You don’t how it is
To feel like Michael Corleone

The depth of the injustice
Makes the subject so compelling
Every single hour I feel
The ink within me welling

There’s no way that I keep this
Message bottled up inside
This friendless, endless
Nauseating roller-coaster ride

I could recount the wailing
And the ways that we all wept
The road we didn’t travel
And the promises unkept

My happiness when Donald won
My friends, I never hid it
Which meant our nightmare ended
But now I’m thinking, “Did it?”

I’ve gone from celebration
To remorse and deep repentance
With perhaps a new reversal
By the time I end this sentence

You Senators who waffle
Oh yes, I’ve long suspected you
It’s time that you’re reminded
Of the reasons we elected you

So open up the Senate
To amendment and debate again
Or you’ll be out to pasture
When we Make America Great Again