I’ve written poems for holidays
For birthdays and vacations
Like Anthony, I’ve even penned
Some funeral orations
I’ve written poems for guests
And even sev’ral for the host
Of all these odes
I’ve written on Obamacare the most

Back then I’d quote Pelosi
In ridicule and rhyme
“We’re spending 90 billion
But it won’t cost you dime.”
Debating and discussion
Was so devoid of facts
And then Chief Justice Roberts
Said a tax was not a tax

The website wasn’t working
The mandate was delayed
And then that guy named Gruber
Said the country had been played

The scope of this monstrosity
Defies my simple rhymes
A law transformed by edict
Seventy separate times!?

The story is so horrid
O, where shall I begin it
They passed the stinkin’ thing
And we still don’t know what’s in it

And that, friend, is Obamacare
The long dark path it’s travelled
No wonder it’s so difficult
To get the thing unraveled

And so I say to Congress
Please don’t give up the fight
For the heath and wealth of all of us
You’d better get this right
You say you’ve got insurance
Your plan don’t need no fixin’
Just wait till 2020
When the Cadillac Tax kicks in