I am a man of many words
They are my bread and butter
I count a day successful by
The number that I utter

Some words are worth a dollar
Others, like, a quarter
And words are quite compelling
Written in the proper order

Great words can be the difference
Between defeat and winning
And words got all this started
Back, you know, in the beginning

But when, because I disagree
My Facebook friends assail me
I just stare at my keyboard
Because, my friends, words fail me

I don’t know how to reach you
Deep in that pit of hate
What crime have I committed
When I want my country great

I’m not a mindless lackey
Or some evil madman’s minion
The only rift between us
Is a difference of opinion

Promote the things you value
Speak out as is your right
Keep trying to persuade me for
Perhaps, one day you might.

But listen to my message
Before you blast and blame
Extend me just the courtesy
That I might do the same

If not, our future’s shaky
I feel it in my bones
And words might be forgotten
Replaced by sticks and stones