Today, the mainstream media
Repeats the liberal dictum
Illegal immigration
Is a crime without a victim

And so, I think the parallel
Is really quite sublime
We have a special counsel
Where there isn’t any crime

This goes along with much
That we’ve been seeing in our nation
Just like the legislature
That can pass no legislation

No wonder that we’ve lost our faith
In many institutions
When the SCOTUS issues rulings
Based on other constitutions

But yet, across the cable shows
The narrative persists
While even they acknowledge
That no evidence exists

Boris and Natasha teamed
With Fearless Leader’s forces
According to “officials”
And a host of un-named sources

And now another outrage
Has been entered in the annals
Our President’s own son-in-law
Was setting up back-channels

No matter that such links are prized
As diplomat’s devices
And one help JFK resolve
The Cuban Missile Crisis

“What could they be discussing?”
Each accusing host supposes
Ignoring crimes by leakers
That are right beneath their noses

Those bumblers in the White House;
They accomplished this by stealth
And to them, the lack of evidence
Is evidence itself