Of all the words of tongue and pen
That bring a person sorrow
I think, by far, the cruelest are
“I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

For whether you are free from want
Of find yourself in need
“Tomorrow” is the single thing
That no one’s guaranteed

It only takes an instant
To destroy what’s stood for years
That goes for homes and nations
Reputations and careers

So if you hear your partner say
“I’ll do it in the morning”
Remember some disasters come
Without a moment’s warning

And when the morning after comes
The ones who best have fared
Are scouts who know the wisdom
Of their motto, Be Prepared

Promise every day to do
The best a person can
And know that every evening
You are good with God and man

Organize your efforts
In the way your wife insists
Nothing helps the mem’ry more
Than making a few lists

Your most important papers
Have you stored them safely, mister?
Scan them to a flash drive
And send it to your sister

Here in California
There’s a tip I always use
Glasses on your nightstand
And your wallet in your shoes

Don’t be like this guy I know
The worst procrastinator
Now I’ve got some poems to write
I think I’ll do them later