I like to think that I can tell
The real news from the phony
I trust the guys I tune in to
Here on the old Marconi

I grab the daily papers
Just to get the whole gestalt
And take each take I take away
With but a pinch of salt

I do my own research because
It’s prudent and it’s frugal
And go through every single link
That populates on Google

But things are happening so fast
The internet can’t keep up
Perhaps because each day we face
Another blessed bleep up

The House is gonna pass a bill
But now it seems they won’t
Hurray! They’ve got a secret deal
Then, oops, I guess they don’t

We’ve got to have a pretty wall
Amazing and immense
Then, hold the phone, it’s Friday
Would you settle for a fence?

And then there’s Hurricane Jose
The storm that we forgot
Yea! It’s spinning out to sea.
Excuse me! Now it’s not.

Dismiss these if you think you must
As mad poetic ravings
Just as, of course, you had to
With your health insurance savings

So, I’ve abandoned all displays
Of ecstasy or sorrow
‘Cause if I don’t like what I see
I’ll just tune in tomorrow.