When I was just a little lad
It seemed a feat so long
To linger on that nice list
And not do nuthin’ wrong

The carols all convinced me
With every rum-pum-pum
The calendar was frozen
And Kris Kringle wouldn’t come

But now each Christmas morning
Is gone before I blink
It’s been for me a mystery
I didn’t know what to think

Just like what happened last year
I’ll stay up through the night
Wrapping shirts that are too big
And shorts that are too tight

I’ve spent funds that I didn’t have
For things we might not need
My wishes, as they often do
My finances exceed

I looked for ways and reasons
My spirit to inspire
But despite a fine audition
I didn’t make the choir

But then I had a lovely thought
That filled my heart with laughter
It’s not the days that come before
The special days come after

It isn’t like some fruitcake
Or some fancy Christmas sweater
You asked for something wonderful
But what you got was better

If we accept the gracious gift
He gave us at His birth
We’ll do the things we can
To place His kingdom on this earth

Renew in us Your grace
And make our spirits stronger
That we may understand Your heart
And keep the season longer