Although we know
That simple words won’t chase away disease
Most of us will offer a, “God bless you”
If you sneeze

And though we’d rather run
From the array of germs you’re sharing
We’ll speak this brief connection
And display a little caring

And if we know you’re cramming
For that test to pass the bar
We’ll say, “We’re praying for you”
And most times we really are

In an age of selfish thinking
And full empathetic blindness
Who could take exception
To a word or two of kindness?

I hope you never suffer from
An attitude like theirs
But some have shown contempt for those
Who offer “thoughts and prayers”

Do they really think it’s better to
Resist and start a riot
Than the good that’s done by prayer
From those who show up and keep quiet

Let me just assure them
That we know our poor petitions
Have but little power
To affect the world’s conditions

We offer them in person
By a tweet, or on the phone
To let our fellow man
Know that, in this, they’re not alone

To signal some assurance
At a catastrophic hour
That we have a hand to help you
And there is a higher power

Although I know that some of you
May find it all dismaying
But as long as suns keep rising
We’re gonna keep on praying

And the thoughts and prayers we offer
Will assume their proper place
When thoughts turn into action
And prayers turn into Grace