Hand in hand, at table sitting
It’s proper, right and meet and fitting
That on Thanksgiving we all share
Gratitude in quiet prayer

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been given
For seeing one more equinox
For lower rates and rising stocks

For mandatory manners training
For swamps that may be slowly draining
Thanks for the ups AND for the downs
And all those draft picks for the Browns

For volunteers in green and blue
Who live defending me and you
Army Brat and Navy Bean
Soldier, Airman or Marine
The cream that rises to the top
Sheriff, Deputy and Cop
Who run to where the call requires
And all those guys who put out fires

And if I may to their proud ranks
I’ll add my own and private thanks
For friends I know or soon will meet
Who follow what I post or tweet

For precious moments in my life
The day I met my fetching wife
The miracle that is our son
And that which we’ve together done

With all these things so fine and sweet
My list, alas is incomplete
And so, I challenge all and able
To read this poem around your table
And thinking of the gifts you’ve known
To add a stanza of your own