Each year my happy clients
Kindly offer me the chance
To help them with their words of love
As the pursue romance

They tell me who they’re pining for
And then I make some guesses
For, though I’ve never seen them
They are all my Beatresses

The custom poems I write
Can be sublime and atmospheric
But those of you who waited
Will be getting the generic…

Dearest love, I hardly know
The way to make a start
To tell you all the passion
That I’m holding in my heart

Your lips are jewels, your laughter light
Your smile is warm and rare
You set me soul on fire with
The color of your hair

And though I’m not a scholar
When I’m with you I am wise
For I’ve learned the subtle wisdom in
The color of your eyes

Poets say that love is blind
Which raises the alarm
That I’ll never see another
As I’m blinded by your charm

But I don’t care if I can’t speak
Or smell or even see
For the only think I know is
You’re the only one for me

So offer me a hopeful nod
Perhaps a welcome glance
Telling me O! (NAME GOES HERE)
My hopes have half a chance.