With every conversation now
No matter where I’m talking
I watch my words so carefully
It’s like on eggshells, walking
I say, “The sky was clear last night
This weather sure is splendid.”
Lest any other topic leave
My listener offended

Of course, such idle chit chat
Could be slammed as climate norming
And crass insensitivity
To fans of global warming
We can’t speak of our favorite teams
Or rosters that we chose
I’ve seen how even Steeler fans
Can quickly come to blows

Things that once united us
Have now become a wedge
Who, in conversation, notes
The anthem or the pledge

You can’t discuss the movies
Your friend downloads or rents
Especially “3 Billboards”
Which isn’t worth two cents

There’s hardly any avenue
To show and share your views
Considering it’s hard to know
Which pronouns you can use

It seems, alas, that everyone’s
Been put on the defensive
Pending each decision
On what Twitter deems offensive

So, with the understanding
That one word could start a riot
I think we’d all be served
By taking turns at keeping quiet
My plan could be the best thing yet
Or it might be the worst
So let’s all take the silent vow
Go ahead, you first