I’ve always been an underdog
That’s fine, ‘cause don’t forget
When no one thinks you’re gonna win
You’ll never be upset

And as a sometime-winner
I think it’s kind of neat
When you snatch a thrilling victory
From probable defeat

In “Shattered” two reporters
Tell a story, contradictory
Drowning in defeat
When it sure looked like certain victory

The outcome of that evening
Sent her poor supporters reeling
For their dreams were left in pieces
Not that mythical glass ceiling

The book, I hear, contains
A tale of zinger after zinger
As no one takes the blame
And all are quick to point the finger

The truth of this is clear
To both the sovereign and the groundling
Success has many fathers
While failure is a foundling

I’ve had my share of failures
But this must have been numbing
The train had left the station
But they never saw it coming

Outsiders were alarmed because
Insiders were deluded
And no one could believe it
May I say, myself included

I don’t think I should read it
But I guess I’d better try
I don’t think I should laugh that much
I don’t think I should cry

Because while revelations
Might be met with lots of glee
There simply are some things
That no one oughta-wanna see.

In fact, a little part of me
Finds it quite apallin’
Candidate or TV host
To see the mighty, fallen