The world is at a crossroads
I’ve heard some people say
For long as I been livin’
You could say that every day

Those with education
And their noses out of joint
Scorn this talk of crossroads
They prefer “inflection point”

But, choices make a difference
Like who we pick for POTUS
And some less “monumentous”
That we never even notice

The maximum accomplishment
The greatest epic fail
The latter is more likely
If you’re wanting for a nail

The Middle East is steaming
And the Far East’s getting hot
Of course, there’s Venezuela
Just in case you had forgot

Iran is building missiles
Threatening their neighbors
Putin’s in the Balkans,
Rattling his sabers

And what’s the Senate doing
While the world around them burns
Holding seven hearings on
The Donald’s tax returns

Threatening impeachment
Like my Congressman, Brad Sherman
If he served in the 40’s
We would all be speaking German

The primary obsession
Of each and every member
Is how to leave the District
At least until September

Consider, all ye Senators
Approaching this inflection
Think about America
And not the next election

Reflect for just a moment
And let your conscience lead you
Your President, your country
And perhaps, your planet, need you