His approval just hit 50
Now, isn’t that a switch
Half the country’s crazy
But it’s not apparent which

The smirking class on CNN
Just can’t believe their eyes
Rasmussen must only poll
Bots and Russian Spies

Those folks who are enlightened
In the more diverse dominions
Were too busy resisting
To offer their opinions

Perhaps it was the women
Who will, as women do
Tell pollsters what their bosses
Or their husbands told them to

Perhaps the country’s trending
Much more Sodom and Gomorr-able
With changing demographics
Which are growing more deplorable

Or maybe those who doubted him
Have had their fears allayed
As he does the things he can to keep
The promises he made

Perhaps they’ve learned to tolerate
Someone they don’t adore
Perhaps they still revile him
But hate the Congress more

Perhaps despite the marches
And the jeering from the mob
They like that those who don’t produce
Get fired from their job

They like the way he hustles
And the way his team competes
They like decisive action
They even like his tweets

It seems, at last, from day to day
The people have decided
They’d rather see some unity
And not a house, divided