Columnists and commentators
Have, in their own ways,
Begun evaluation of
Trump’s first one hundred days

As we, in rhyme and reason
This analysis explore
I think I should point out
That this is just day 84

But as we’ve seen in history
That goes back to the Greeks
Nothing’s gonna happen in
The next 2 or so weeks

There won’t be some surprises
No pronouncements, thought bizarre
No changes of direction
Cause, with Trump, there never are

Among the marked achievements
Of this most peculiar POTUS
The Senate’s confirmation of
Neil Gorsuch to the SCOTUS

But more than that success
I’d like to praise with some authority
The stunning act of backbone
On the part of the majority

I guess we’re done with filibusters
And the ways they spin ‘em
But I, between the two of us,
Didn’t think they had it in ‘em

He made a fine appointment
To renew Scalia’s slot
But some are quite concerned
By the assignments, he has not

That posts have not been filled
Has my good friend, Hugh Hewitt raving
But think, as desks sit empty,
Of the salaries, we’re saving
Now, you may think my stand on this
Not altogether funny
But a million here, a million there
And soon you’ve got real money