Article 25

Some things can still be gained
From even outrage and inanity
So, I propose that everyone
Be forced to prove their sanity

Like managers who call The Squeeze
From guys who never bunt
And coaches who still run the ball
Against an eight-man front

Folks who get the warranties
On everything they buy
Or those who order oysters
When they’re dining in July

Viewers viewing CNN
Not […]

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Happy New Year

God made a resolution
And started his own movement
That each year his creation
Would see regular improvement

The soul of his intention
We now call “Evolution”
And we advance that plan
Each time we make a resolution

So if this year’s commitment is
To never make mistakes
Stick to it ‘cause I guarantee
God knows how long it takes

And if you have a set-back
Somehow, re-light […]

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The Twelve Months of Christmas

When I was just a little lad
It seemed a feat so long
To linger on that nice list
And not do nuthin’ wrong

The carols all convinced me
With every rum-pum-pum
The calendar was frozen
And Kris Kringle wouldn’t come

But now each Christmas morning
Is gone before I blink
It’s been for me a mystery
I didn’t know what to think

Just like what happened […]

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Not Quite a Christmas Poem

It isn’t quite the Christmas
That you and I had planned
Santa Claus is missing
And mistletoe’s been banned

We don’t go window shopping
Through windows anymore
Amazon has come and gone
And shuttered up the store

The air is dry and dusty
The noble fir’s not fresh
The ACLU is going to sue
To take away the creche

The outdoor lights are tangled
The fuses all blew […]

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I’m Just a Bill (really)

If you had taken civics class
You would have known by now
The way a bill becomes a law.
It’s quite a job (and how!)

The process can be daunting
A massive undertaking
Akin to stable sweeping
And quite like sausage-making

Those of you who didn’t know
Have Schoolhouse Rock to tell you
And if you think that’s how it works
I have a bridge to […]

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I am very thankful to all the people who have asked me to write poems for them this year. I have met and made laugh (and cry) many wonderful people. In the last few days I have been flooded with requests with a Christmas deadline. I simply cannot handle any more this […]

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Brother Huggers

John Conyers had a nasty week
Al Franken’s has been rough
Let’s all agree embarrassment
Is punishment enough

He can’t recall the names
Of any ladies he’s abused
Besides, for cheerful huggers
Such behavior is excused

Joe Biden, for example
Has been groping with impunity
And when he was Vice President
He granted Al immunity

Franken has conceded
That he acted like a jerk
The best way to apologize
Is […]

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Thanksgiving 2017

Hand in hand, at table sitting
It’s proper, right and meet and fitting
That on Thanksgiving we all share
Gratitude in quiet prayer

But I say we should give a roar
For all the things we’re thankful for
And raise our voices and the mood
In fine, full-throated gratitude

For this great land that we all live in
And all the blessings we’ve been […]

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Thoughts and Prayers

Although we know
That simple words won’t chase away disease
Most of us will offer a, “God bless you”
If you sneeze

And though we’d rather run
From the array of germs you’re sharing
We’ll speak this brief connection
And display a little caring

And if we know you’re cramming
For that test to pass the bar
We’ll say, “We’re praying for you”
And most […]

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Our Time

I wake
I work
I wonder
What sets the day’s design
Is this the last sun that you’ll see
Or is the last look mine?

Did we, before creation
Watch as the clock was set
And like the great Greek in the poem
Accept the time we get?

Do we all sign the bargain
The mix of joy and strife
Aware that we must make the most
Of […]

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