The Falcons were amazing
They would take it in a laugh
They were on their way to winning
Then they played the second half

And the Indians had rallied
They would finally end the drought
They were on their way to winning
And we know how that turned out

Once the score was nutin’ nutin’
I was feeling full of pluck
I was on my way to winning
Then that ref; he dropped the puck

And that w’ascally old wabbit
Heck, no tortoise could keep pace
He was hopping towards a trophy
But wound up in second place

Everyone who’s grabbed momentum
Anyone who’s lost a lead
Know the secret to success
means you’ve been keeping up your speed

Put the pedal to the metal
That’s what makes the contest fun
And please don’t start your party
Till you’ve got the dang thing won

In the aftermath of failure
There were plenty of discussions
They put the blame on Comey,
Analytics, and the Russians

While the details may be different
They sure share the same components
All the ones who can’t deliver
Underestimate opponents

Runner-up is an accomplishment
And one I won’t diminish
But it’s not the race that matters
If you don’t know how to finish

So next time you face the nation
It’d be best to stop your spinning
On a day that never happened
You were on your way to winning