It isn’t quite the Christmas
That you and I had planned
Santa Claus is missing
And mistletoe’s been banned

We don’t go window shopping
Through windows anymore
Amazon has come and gone
And shuttered up the store

The air is dry and dusty
The noble fir’s not fresh
The ACLU is going to sue
To take away the creche

The outdoor lights are tangled
The fuses all blew out
Jill and Joe don’t even know
What Christmas is about

So, I wrote to remind you
To pray for peace on earth
And how that night, a song of light
Announced a Savior’s birth

How He with love and mercy
Touched the hearts of men
And every year with grace–and cheer
He touches them again

Stop and smell the chestnuts
Come sing with the choir
If Santa missed what’s on your list
I have what you desire

A great big celebration
To make you feel just fine
You never need a ticket
And they serve bread and wine

A place of faith and friendship
Where candles have been lit
The room is full of benches
You’ll have a spot to sit

‘Be good if you can make it
I’ll say a little prayer
Accept His invitation
I hope to see you there