They’re storing all our emails
Each and every text
Calls are all transcripted
God only knows what’s next
What girls wrote in their diaries
And each Cath’lic boy confesses
Is parked through perpetuity
In digital recesses

Soon video will recognize
And bureaucrats record
The books that I’ve been reading
And the way I praise the Lord

Then if I raise my voice
And they don’t like my rants and railings
They’ll summon up the database
That archives all my failings
They’ll leak to friendly media
That I use swear and slack words
And on some rare occasions
Put my underwear on backwards

They’ll whisper that it’s easier
And would I like to try it
To go along with what they want
And keep my yapper quiet

That’s what the deep state’s doing
That’s what the deep state’s done
And if you hadn’t noticed it
A war has just begun

Some guy deep down in records
Whose rep’s too low to hurt
Just got the nod and signal
To go and leak some dirt

They think that this electorate is dumb
Or even dumber
They’re treating Donald Trump
The way they treated Joe the Plumber
Well Joe didn’t have the stinger
To bite back at the buzz
He didn’t have the nation
But I think Donald does.