You’ve seen it in the theater
On the stage and on the screen
The hero or the heroine
Who rails at the routine

To climb the corporate ladder
For bills they have to pay
They follow their own footsteps
And do it every day

Though much that comes from Hollywood
We don’t see eye-to-eye with
This average Joe or Josephine
We all identify with

We order the same latte
We make the same commute
While thousands all around us
Routinely follow suit

We stream the same old programs
We root for the same teams
And it wouldn’t be surprising
If we’re dreaming the same dreams

So if a wizard offered
You’d probably say, “Yup,”
Saying he could cast a spell
On you to shake things up

For who, if there were choices
Wouldn’t say they wanted more
To make the next tomorrow
One they’d never seen before

The problem is you can’t select
The kind of change you’re getting
The normal may be boring
But it isn’t this upsetting

The sirens shriek and fill the days
And nights with warning whistles
While sentinels are scanning skies
For hurricanes and missiles

Anticipating crises can be
Frightening and numbing
Powerless as dinosaurs
Who saw the big one coming

I look for equilibrium
And try to keep things steady
If called to face a crisis
I hope that I’ll be ready

Meantime I’ll continue with
This little prayer I pray
Thank you for the beauty
We can find in day-to-day