If you had taken civics class
You would have known by now
The way a bill becomes a law.
It’s quite a job (and how!)

The process can be daunting
A massive undertaking
Akin to stable sweeping
And quite like sausage-making

Those of you who didn’t know
Have Schoolhouse Rock to tell you
And if you think that’s how it works
I have a bridge to sell you

For years, it was behind closed doors
(Where virtue never blooms)
The swapping and the chopping
Took place in smoke-filled rooms

But now that we have C-span
When Senators stop gropin’
Distinguished gentlemen debate
Right out there in the open

Last week the Senate did its job
And we all saw them do it
Adopting an amendment
That was crafted by…Hugh Hewitt

It let’s you tap your IRA
For housing—not a Chevy—
Without substantial penalty
And just a one-time levy

And now the name of Hewitt
Will take its place beside
The ranks of names like Boland
Blaine and Hatch and Hyde

Yes, Hugh will walk with history
For just this tax position
And live in lore and memory
Just like Prohibition

It paves the way to tax reform
Or else, it helps begin it
Well, if I had an IRA
Or any money in it