That little jolt in Northridge
That shook me from my bed
That smashed the house I lived in
And dropped books on my head

Yes, we had come to Hollywood
To live among the stars
But spent the rest of January
Sleeping in our cars

That ice storm on Long Island
A kid in freezing rain
It trapped me like a kipper for
Ten hours on a train

We didn’t have a bite to eat
Carnivore or Vegan
But I studied for my Physics final–
Aced it, Father Egan!

The black out five years later
All started by a spark
That left me on another train
Eight hours in the dark

And then there was the blizzard
Low pressure formed a ridge
That stuck me in a snow bank
On Chris Christie’s favorite bridge

I’ve been in some disasters
Natural and non
But this week’s is the worst
I’ve ever set my eyes upon

The final week of August
Should be restful and eventless
Instead, we have an enemy
Persistent and relentless

Reminding us that life itself
So powerful and agile
Is, in the face of nature,
Vulnerable and fragile

So, find in this great trial
Words to shape the way you live
Two simple words to guide you
And the words are “pray” and “give”