God made a resolution
And started his own movement
That each year his creation
Would see regular improvement

The soul of his intention
We now call “Evolution”
And we advance that plan
Each time we make a resolution

So if this year’s commitment is
To never make mistakes
Stick to it ‘cause I guarantee
God knows how long it takes

And if you have a set-back
Somehow, re-light the spark
Keep in mind the snake
And all that business with the ark

Give yourself a break
Every time you’re feeling tested
After six days at it
Make sure that you’re well-rested

Start with something do-able
Of manageable size
Like ordering the medium
Instead of large French Fries

Remember, you’ll be judged
By the strategy you chose
Instead of losing weight
Try buying better-fitting clothes

Practice your piano
Or learn another dance
And know that next December
You’ll all have another chance

Take comfort, resolution-makers
By and large will break them
So do as I have always done
And just don’t even make them