For eight years, we’ve been told
The other guys had stronger forces
For six years then, the leadership
Told us to hold our horses
Four years ago, they had a plan
According to sage sources
And now they have power
But they’re not sure what the course is

Well, if politics is marriage
They may soon know what divorce is

You stood upon a platform
Of repealing, not repairing
You told them in your districts
That you knew and you were caring
And now your recent reticence
Has those at home despairing
I think that sets the standard
For sub-standard standard bearing

If you’re running fast
But being chased by a disaster
The only thing to do
Is to go faster, faster, faster

If what you want is big
Then this is just the way I figger’
You’ll never get it all
So go for bigger, bigger, bigger

You say you’re out there on a limb
Well, if it’s not a bother
Do us all a favor
And go farther, farther, farther

The answers are apparent
If you just know where to look
Write your representative
Say, “Didn’t you get the book?”