My mood is sort of skittish
And I’m feeling kind of dreadish
Ask me for my outlook
And I’d say it’s Armageddish

A tyrant has a weapon
That could turn us into litter
And that’s not a nod to Donald
And his frequent use of Twitter

“Dear Leader” launched a missile
And he’s threatened many nations
Because the can was kicked along
By three administrations

Those wise and prudent Presidents
Considered it too hot
So now it must be dealt with
By the President we’ve got

Another topic, friends
That has us standing out on ledges
Is a Senate with amnesia
Touching everything it pledges

They can’t reach a solution
To replace it or repeal it
While the people paying premiums
Have all begun to feel it

Chicago’s going bankrupt
While the Dow is going higher?
The East is under water
And the West is under fire

No wonder I’ve nostalgia
For Godzilla, as a hero
And the only thing between us
And that evil, Monster Zero

For fast-approaching asteroids
I’m even getting misty
NASA has one spotted
And it’s heading for Chris Christie

So, my mood is not as bright, now
As it was in the beginning
Guess it takes a little while
Till I’m used to all this winning