We all agree the IRS is cruel
And can’t be trusted
We know the code is crummy
And that rates should be adjusted

Of course, it’s all so complex
And a subject for the sages
The last time it was “simplified”
It grew a thousand pages

On Wednesday, last, the President
He outlined his agenda
The Democrats reacted
With a crisp “Return to Sender”

Remember now, Americans
That’s how the game is played
Tax bills are routinely bounced
And budgets DOA’ed

We really haven’t seen a bill
They showed us a direction
But one aspect, I reckon
Might require some reflection

Change is often painful
And quite difficult to master
And someone I admire
Thinks it might be a disaster

That sucking sound, he says
It won’t be made by any suction
But the whirlpool if they do away
With your state tax deduction

My equity will vanish
Like the trademark that was Texaco
Good old Southern California
Will be part of Northern Mexico

I see the Santa Annas blowing
Tumbleweeds through town
If I can’t deduct from Uncle Sam
What I pay Jerry Brown

Guess it’s time for me to change
And trade a pick-up for my Lexus
Adios to California
And Howdy y’all to Texas