I know somewhere there’s someone
Who’s never laced a skate
By the law of averages
There can be no debate

Someone, somewhere who doesn’t know
A slapshot from a wrister
Who’s never tried to make
A goalie of his sister

Who’s never had a coach
Who’d work ‘em tell they burn
Who taught them playing in a way
That made them love to learn

Or early, icy mornings
Passing time and miles
Sleeping in their seats
Or sitting in the aisles

Think a little on it
And I’m certain you’ll agree
Somewhere in the Dominion
Such a someone, there must be

I grew up in a country
Happily pursuing
The passions and the pastimes
That everyone was doing

But someone changed the motto
Although they didn’t consult us
From “E Pluribus Unum”
To “E Pluribus Multus”

Each “other” voice and vision
Was pacified and pandered
As if the mystic chords themselves
Were being gerrymandered

I cry for every hockey mom
I cry with every dad
I cry for the community
I didn’t know I had

And as I’ve grown alone
And apart through recent years
I join them in their sorrow
But I envy them their tears.