Team loyalty, it seems
Is more a myst’ry than a science
Who knows why I’m devoted
To the New York Football Giants

Is it just about proximity
To what were our home towns
That Duane roots for the Raiders
And Hugh bleeds for the Browns

I was born three feet from Flushing
So, if you had placed your bets
You likely would have guessed
I pledged allegiance to the Jets

When I lived on the island
They really liked to throw
And I had a lot in common
With a quarterback named Joe

Well, we mostly know we’re doomed
Before the year’s campaign begins
For when the season’s over
Only one team wins

They fire the best players
And hire the worst coaches
Concession stands at stadia
Are filled with mice and roaches

Despite the yearly horrors
They routinely put is through
We tune in every Sunday
And we cheer for what they do

We trust they’ll do analysis
And figure out the reason
That last year went so miserably
And this will be that season

So even if we understand
We’re in this till it hurts
We’ll wear their fancy logos
On our hats and on our shirts

Now, if you read between the lines
You’ll understand I’m saying
Our flag is like the logo
For which all of us are playing

And though I might acknowledge
That we got a few things wrong
I think we should be standing
When the band takes up the song

We rise despite the failings
That may dim a nation’s worth
To share the aspirations
Of the last, best hope of earth