These colors don’t run (or pass or punt)

Team loyalty, it seems
Is more a myst’ry than a science
Who knows why I’m devoted
To the New York Football Giants

Is it just about proximity
To what were our home towns
That Duane roots for the Raiders
And Hugh bleeds for the Browns

I was born three feet from Flushing
So, if you had placed your bets
You likely would have guessed
I pledged […]

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Quiet Holiday

It’s been a quiet week, at last
I wish that were the norm
Alas, I speculate it’s just
The calm before the storm

Every Chief Exec enjoys
A time when pundits swoon
But I expect a hurricane
And not a honeymoon

Their former river of restraint
Is measured now in ounces
And it won’t take a moment more
Before the press corps pounces

Every brick in any […]

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Natural Born Poet?

I don’t agree with Coulter
And I’m not a legal mind
How can Levin and Eastman, though
Together be so blind

It’s NOT that there’s a question
Or even any doubt
Or argument or wiggle room
That’s not what it’s about

Has care for jurisprudence
Ever stopped the Left before
As evidence of how they work
I give you Bush v. Gore

It’s a sure thing that […]

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The More You Know

I’ve always been so grateful
To the folks at NBC
They’ve done the best they can
To make a better man of me

They told me to eat vegetables
And how to raise my kids
With strategies to help avoid
The plague and AIDS and SIDS

They told me not to bully And what exercise to try To think before I texted And […]

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