The phone rings and somehow you know it’s not good news
We all have so much and so much to lose
Hello, you say bravely to the night
Wishing you were wrong
But you were right.

Your mother isn’t doing well
Her doctor told you Time will tell
But neither has that bedside touch
And neither really tells you much

At my age, it’s now a trend
Remember Pete, your high school friend
I don’t know but his sister said
She went one night and found him

Surrounded or by all, neglected
Nearing, nigh, or unexpected
Suffering or in relief
We find ourselves alone, in grief

But when it comes at once for crowds
When there are shortages of shrouds
When darkness roars and clouds descend
Beyond what we can comprehend
Although it goes against the grain
Find comfort in the common pain

There’s power in a little prayer
But more in one so many share

Here is a chance to understand
To give your blood or give your hand
Create the world you want to see
Be kinder than you have to be
Be thoughtful and stop thinking twice
When you have the chance, be nice

So if you’re called
And go tomorrow
The world will get the call with sorrow
And when that wretched phone stops ringing
All you’ll hear is angels singing