John Conyers had a nasty week
Al Franken’s has been rough
Let’s all agree embarrassment
Is punishment enough

He can’t recall the names
Of any ladies he’s abused
Besides, for cheerful huggers
Such behavior is excused

Joe Biden, for example
Has been groping with impunity
And when he was Vice President
He granted Al immunity

Franken has conceded
That he acted like a jerk
The best way to apologize
Is getting back to work

Attacking all the privilege
So many men would misuse
He’s vowed to put his hands
On a lot of women’s…issues

He’s drafting legislation
That will hold men in contempt
Provided, in such statute
That the Senate is exempt

Besides, some female writers
Said that he was so polite
They put it in a letter
That Lorne Michaels helped them write

No, I’m not suggesting
That they wrote it out of fear
But that writing was the funniest
On SNL this year

We need his kind of talent
Too many have been burned
Let’s put this all behind us
And agree on lessons learned

What has been done to women
Is repulsive and it’s real
But when it’s done by Democrats
It’s really no big deal