When I’m feeling worried
I spend those troubled nights
Counting up my blessings from
Our country’s Bill of Rights

The document that states the things
Beyond the rulers’ reach
Are freedoms of assembly
Worship, press and speech

It further goes to say
That there shall be no circumvention
Of rights our famous framers
Didn’t list or failed to mention

And from the oldest justice
To his young amanuensis
It may be the one document
About which there’s consensus

Everyone agrees, without a doubt
It would be wrong to
Retaliate against me for a
Group that I belong to

And who, besides some radical
Would write, opine or teach
My attitude on Climate Change
Should limit my free speech?

On campuses, I’m told
I can say anything I please
From 3 to 4 on Fridays
If I do it from my knees

Regarding search and seizure
Do you really have to ask me
If I might have to worry that
Ambassadors unmask me

Excuse me know, I have to go
And buy a can of Folgers
Since Joey moved to Texas
I’ve been putting up some soldiers

So when I count those blessings
And my rights and their safe keeping
Is it any wonder that
I’m having trouble sleeping