“All the news that’s fit to print”
A famous masthead boasts
The source of information–
Well, at least for both our coasts

Its editors portray the world
The way that they assess it
Its stylebook sets standards
For reporters who express it

I say the things I have to
In the present tense, declarative
The only news they’re printing
Is the news that fits the narrative

If it hurts the current White House
Then, of course, it’s front page stuff
But truth that’s inconvenient?
Page 19 ain’t deep enough

Another fact that should be
Giving all of us the vapors
Our former POTUS only knew
What he read in the papers!

“The is CNN” we welcomed
James Earl Jones intoning
They covered every issue
From Astronomy to Zoning

Wherever news unfolded
CNN got us there faster
From the days of Desert Storm
Back to the Challenger Disaster

Whether stories made us joyous
Or provoked a flood of tears
Ted and his associates
Became our eyes and ears

But recently, we all can see
The way the wind is blowing
They simply will not cover things
That they don’t want us knowing

Maybe it didn’t happen
If they don’t think we should know it—

Thank goodness for our great producer
Radio Host, and poet.