The comment most du jour
(Which means it’s all the rage)
Says we should not give Kim Jong-Un
A place on the world’s stage

He’s not an Ayatollah
A Merkle or a Thatcher
And talks with him directly
Would only give him stature

It seems to me the place he’ll have
Is just the one he’s got
He’s ruling North Korea
Like it world, or not

Stories keep appearing
About dissent and rancor
The vitriol at State’s enough
To fill a supertanker

The press turn up the volume
Both the bass and treble
Implying that the White House
Is run by Fletcher Knebel

They don’t think that our President
Is equal to the task
Can we just reflect a bit?
Is that too much to ask?

No leadership is flawless
Left to its own devices
For that I give you Munich
And the Cuban Missile Crisis

We’ve been sold out by diplomats
And geniuses before
As those who lust for legacies
Can give away the store

I don’t know and you don’t know
Exactly how he’ll do
But no one needs a legacy
In just year number 2

Me, I’m just a poet
I say let’s have a talk
And if we don’t get what we want
These boots know how to walk

Prudent folks are critical
Of how supporters gush
Kim’s not going anywhere
So really what’s the rush?

I don’t want my Tarzana
To end up in a crater
So let’s get this done sooner
There might not be a later